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Рейтерс опубликовал интересную заметку о причинах голосования британцев за выход из ЕС

Основная причина Ухудшение государственных услуг , конкуренция за рабочие места и общее экономическое недомогание

При особенно интересно прочитать, что основной обьект недовольства британцев , как раз выходцы из восточной европы. Даже потомки пакистанцев голосовали за выход из ЕС, чтобы избавиться от мигрантов-румын.

But it is the migrants from Eastern Europe who began arriving in the wake of the 2004 expansion of the European Union who have become the main target of resentment.

"It's the Eastern Europeans," said gardener John Crilly, 23, explaining that his decision to vote Leave was partly due to problems he had with some difficult Romanian neighbors.

"We live next door to them and it's a nightmare. There's no respect and that."
"I take a lot of Eastern Europeans to work in Manchester, you know. I hold my hands up and say, yeah, that's the kind of people we want," he said.

"[But] what about the ones we don't see at work, there's 20 of them living in a house. They're there all day," he said, citing "whole streets" of such houses in the area where he lives, including former tenants in a small house he owns who "stripped the place bare".

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