gerat (gerat) wrote,

Прецендент создан.

Defunct Enron Corp (ENRNQ).’s creditors have received $21.8 billion in cash and stock so far, with money from lawsuits and settlements helping to give general unsecured creditors a payback three times higher than the estate had projected, a report shows...
Citigroup also agreed to give up an estimated $4.3 billion in claims against Enron to settle the allegations about its role in the company’s collapse. JPMorgan Chase & Co., another former Enron lender, said in 2005 it would pay $2.2 billion to resolve litigation.

Теперь понятно, что нужно делать Греции. Отсудить миллиарды у Goldman Sachs за их роль в мошенничестве при занижении гос. долга.. :-))
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