gerat (gerat) wrote,

Глобальное похолодание..

Похолодание идет по всему северному полушарию. В Новосибирске морозы до -40.
А во Флориде апельсины чудом избежали заморозков:
The reach of the cold even extended to tropical locations such as Key West, Florida, and Havana, Cuba, Samuhel said. The overnight low in Key West was 55 degrees, below the normal of 66 degrees, he said. Havana was 45 degrees overnight.

Florida likely escaped any crop damage since the main citrus-growing areas were above freezing last night, Samuhel said. “Tonight will be a little bit colder, but I don’t expect widespread damage.” Below-freezing temperatures wouldn’t last long enough to cause damage to the fruit, he said.

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