gerat (gerat) wrote,

Присоединение Крыма глазами западных информагенств.

После речи Путина Рейтерс в своей заметке написал:

"In Crimea, where his speech and the signing ceremony were broadcast live, his words caused rapture for some.

"Putin's done what our hearts were longing for," said Natalia, a pensioner who sells snacks in a kiosk in the center of Simferopol, the region's capital. "This finally brings things back to what they should be after all those years. For me, for my family, there can be no bigger joy, for us this is sacred."

Feride Kurtbedinova, a high school student and a member of Crimea's Muslim ethnic Tatar minority, said: "After Putin met with the Tatar leaders, that made it for me. He showed respect, gave us security guarantees, for Tatars that is important."

Раз ведущее агентство представило миру татарского студента, которому Путин оказал уважение, значит там уже смирились со свершившимся.

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